Chaplains are drawn from a variety of local churches and are motivated by their Christian faith to care for all people and communities. They are not there to preach but to offer care and comfort, and a listening ear. Chaplains have received training applicable to their role and will receive specific training for their placement if required, to enable them to visit staff in any local business, retail outlet, or other organisation. All Chaplains take part in on-going training and supervision by DCCC.

What do they do?
Chaplains will make regular visits, in agreement with an employer, to provide a listening ear to any employee who would like to talk to them. They do not provide a formal counselling service but are complementary to other professionals and services. They are independent from the organisation they are visiting and can act as a bridge between employer and employee, whilst maintaining confidentiality at all times.

We currently have 20 chaplains working throughout the city centre, in St. Peter’s Quarter, Cathedral Quarter, Westfield and the Markets.

How to get involved in volunteering
If you are a Christian and a regular member of a local church, then you could be a volunteer Chaplain. We are looking for people with a pastoral heart who can spare between 1-3 hours each week, and are prepared to undergo training and regular supervision.