The Work Place
If we are employed or self employed, we spend the greater part of our day at work and often take work home, if only in our heads. The work we do shapes our lives, develops us as human beings and in it we need to find human value and belonging. Sometimes the stress and pressure makes work feel oppressive and this needs to be resolved.

Derby city centre chaplains are appointed to particular companies and businesses. They visit the company or business on a regular basis, usually weekly (times are advertised on the chaplaincy poster in the staff area).  Staff are welcome to speak to them during visits or to make an appointment to see them at another time.

The Team
The team is made up of chaplains from different churches in and around Derby and comprises ordained and lay members. They undertake this work voluntarily, as an opportunity to care and provide pastoral support.

Would you like to talk to a chaplain?  If your place of employment already has a chaplain, then contact them direct.  If you are not sure, or you do not know who the chaplain is, contact Rev Canon Paul Morris on