My husband and I have lived in Derby and Derbyshire since 1972.When David retired 5 years ago we knew we wanted to return to the city as our heart was very much here. I have always loved Derby and its people. Having taught Keep Fit in Derby for over 30 years I love to walk through Derby and see lots of people I know! But then it’s that sort of city -small , compact,and  very  friendly. We joined St Peter’s in the heart of the city – a caring , outward looking community that was looking for ways to meet the needs of those living and working there, many struggling with life issues.

MARGARET PHYPERSWhen Paul Morris became vicar , one of his tasks was to set up the City Centre Chaplaincy. He asked if I would like to be part of the team and I said Yes without hesitation! I love chatting with people and finding out what makes them tick!! We all have so much to learn from one another. I started at British Home Stores and then was asked to chaplain part of Intu. I have to admit that it isn’t always easy. You are constantly meeting new people. Some people are easier to get to know than others. Some stores are very busy so conversations are inevitably brief.

This ministry is slow and patient. Gradually people realize that we care- we are there to support them in the workplace and we can pray for them and with them about any issues in their lives. Most often I discover that the Lord is there even before I enter and has been preparing the way with his Spirit. He prompts me in an uncanny way – “go in there today!” It has been a privilege to share people’s worries in illness, bereavement and family issues.  I’m not exactly Margaret “Queen of Shops” but I do like to talk RETAIL and even engage in a bit of retail therapy on the way round!! I’m quite interested in how stores market themselves and how they vary their image and why they move everything round  – even their staff! Let’s face it in these difficult financial times they need all the help and support they can get.

What cheers me most is when faces light up when I walk in! Then I feel accepted and encouraged to continue this vital ministry – the church out in the marketplace!

Interested in knowing more about becoming a Retail Chaplain? Contact or call 01332 360790