It all started because we were looking for something sporty for our son to do. My wife found out that the youngest age group of the Derby Trailblazers (under 13’s) trained on a Saturday morning at a school not far from where we live. Perfect, we thought. So our son started going along for 2 hours on a Saturday morning

ROBIN MILLERIt was sitting in the stands watching him play and train that brought back my own memories of playing basketball in the sixth form at school and for a year at University. I’d also been thinking that I should get fit again and was wondering about what to do. The next stage was for me to phone the club secretary and find out how I could start joining in. I remember this part very clearly… it was one evening after work and I was sat on the couch about to ring the secretary. In that moment I really felt (God speaking to me) that I should offer to be the chaplain for the club as well. So I rang and asked him about where I could train and after that simply offered to be the chaplain for the club. He was very keen and said he’d talk to the rest of the committee. A couple of weeks later he rang me and asked if I could do a short presentation to the next committee meeting, which I happily did. Again, after a couple of weeks he rang me again and said that the club would be delighted to have me as chaplain, that they’d never had anyone offer before and weren’t entirely sure what I would do as chaplain!

Well, that was a year and a half ago and I am now nicely building up relationships with various players, coaches, fans and volunteers. I bought some club merchandise and had ‘Chaplain’ added on so people know who I am and where to find me if needed. I try to attend all home matches on Saturday evenings, just to be around for anyone who needs it. I often write short articles for the match night programme and I always stay around after to chat to people. I linked up with the Derby City Centre Chaplaincy for support and oversight of my work as chaplain to the Trailblazers.

As I write this I am off to Manchester to support the team at the season finale ‘final fours’ playoffs. It’ll be a weekend of great basketball and will end either on a huge high because we win or on a huge low because we don’t. Either way, as chaplain, I’ll be there to love, care for and support the whole of the Blazers family.

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