A new venture: DCHS Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy continues to grow in pioneering ways. A new venture involves providing Chaplaincy to patients receiving health provision in their homes from the many Integrated Care Teams serving Derbyshire through Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS trust. Chaplains are assigned to local teams, and can offer support for those needing care and support as they face challenges of heath and bereavement, as well as being there to talk with patients about the deeper questions of life and faith.

Mary Heritage, Asst Director of Quality and Professional Lead for Allied Health Professions, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust says:

As healthcare moves out of hospital wards and into people’s homes more and more, it is important that we continue to provide holistic care for people who are going through huge adjustments in their lives. As well as physical and mental healthcare, we need to pay attention to their spiritual and pastoral needs. For this reason DCHS is proud to partner with Derby City Centre Chaplaincy and to involve chaplains into local teams who provide care in people’s homes.

We currently have a team of around 10 chaplains serving in this sector and hope to recruit more as this project grows. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with anita@stpetersderby.org.uk.